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My Heresy is the impossible love story between a man and a woman for whom it is forbidden to consummate their love.

The day Rose, a happy, young and attractive American lawyer on the French Riviera, becomes aware that she is madly in love with her brother, Robert, a New York District Attorney, her entire life and future change forever. Although, Robert has also, secretly, been in love with Rose for several years, his guilt for being in love with his own sister and his perpetual worry to protect her and to preserve her future, do not allow him to succumb to the strong and almost uncontrollable sexual attraction and desire he has for her. Yet, Rose believes that their unconditional and irrevocable love is a sign of destiny and does everything to seduce her brother and make him lose his self control. Against Robert's advice, Rose accepts to assist a drug trafficker, only to be part of an international criminal case Robert is in charge of, and thereby, be closer to him. But they both get caught up in a very dangerous game. Whereas Robert sees the danger as a sign that they should not be close to each other, for Rose, the only sign that counts is their extraordinary attraction and love for one another.

A word from Maryam My Heresy does not encourage incest but only tackles the immense difficulty, tension and mixed feelings that occur when in love with the wrong person. The story is meant to be, first and foremost, romantic; told in a na´ve and sincere manner by the young narrator.

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