Love is beautiful.

I had always dreamed of one day finding my soul mate. The one who would make my heart explode out of my chest with one glance; and my entire body titillate with just one touch.

Like everybody, I sought the true partner without whom existence would not make sense.

I knew not everybody was lucky enough to find that unique person. But what I had not anticipated was what would happen if that soul mate turned out to be the one person I could not have.

Although true love is entirely subjective so far as the person is concerned, shouldn't everything else be regarded objectively?

What if our love for one another was unconditional and our union could not possibly hurt anybody? Would that still be wrong?

How could I possibly let go of my other half? The empty space his absence would leave in my chest would be unendurable and would reduce me to nothing.

My body was devoid of any force as I felt my knees give out from under me and I crumbled to the floor.

Please somebody…help me. Coldness penetrated my body as it slowly began to numb, my thoughts exploding my mind until they finally led toward a darkness in which I could feel I was losing my soul. I knew nobody could ever save me from the dark…

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